Sanjali Healing Arts – Valerie Sanjali Irons

***A variety of modalities is provided to support you on your journey: Sound & Vibrational Healing, Soundwave Journeys, Breathwork, Art, Kirtan and more. 

Soundwave Journeys are a unique sound healing experience that dissolve tension and blocked energy. The Soundwave bed is an expertly crafted musical instrument.  The client lays on the bed while the instrument is played. The client feels a profound connection to Source which easily allows for clearing, insights and more. The celestial humming allows the client to float home ethereally while bathed in the harmonic melodies. The tongue drum helps ground the client back into earthly reality and integrate.  The Soundwave Journey includes crystal bowls, gongs, drums and toning. It is designed to take you on a vibrational journey deep within your own inner landscape. 

Shamanic Breathwork is a dynamic technique that uses a cathartic, primal breath to release trauma and allow for deep healing, awakening and transformation. Breathwork clears energy, awakens the heart, connects you to your higher self, and creates expansive awareness.

*** Permitted for Operation on Coconino National Forest.

Valerie Sanjali Irons

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Sanjali Healing Arts – Valerie Sanjali Irons