The Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association
is a Chamber of Commerce Affinity Group

The Association was initiated in 2003 upon an invitation from the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce to explore how the business opportunities for the metaphysical community could be enhanced and promoted. A basic principle has been that collaboration is key to success for everybody.
After a year of research and preparation, the association was officially launched per November 1, 2004.


Mission Statement

“To form a unified association that is the heart and soul
of Sedona’s metaphysical and spiritual business community.
To promote higher consciousness and raise awareness
about the excellent products, services and activities
offered to our local community and to visitors we serve
in the greater Sedona area.”



* To establish a more cohesive and harmonious community presence for setting goals, establishing action plans, and initiating projects for association members to participate in which furthers our cause, promotes a positive image and contributes to Sedona and the greater community.
* To champion the metaphysical/spiritual professionals and businesses in the Sedona area.
* To promote and showcase the spiritual businesses to attract tourism.
* To be the liaison to our local community and the tourists we attract to the Greater Sedona area focusing on communication, education, and the availability of various metaphysical services and businesses.
* To foster stronger fellowship through cohesive and amicable networking to connect, share ideas and support each other.
* To create an ongoing referral group within the metaphysical/spiritual community in the greater Sedona area.
* To raise the prestige and credibility of the metaphysical and spiritual community by the professional standards and organization we create.
*  To develop a strong presence having positive social, political and environmental impact and influence.


* Form a volunteer “Research Group” to help design the structure of the organization and sign up provisionary members to set up the foundation of the association.
* Form the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association with the core membership being made up of chamber of commerce members and with an affiliate group of non-chamber members as a form of community outreach.
* Prepare for the cyclic tourist seasons by having all committees in place with defined projects and tasks.
* Create the referral process and network of provider listings with quarterly updates to reference guides to accommodate for new members and changes for existing members.
* Utilize destination marketing to draw more metaphysically and spiritually oriented visitors to Sedona.
* Raise awareness and steer business to association members, recognizably increasing business traffic and revenues attributable to association efforts and activities.
* Construct a marketing plan to include advertising, public relations, creation of a web site, printing of a tri-fold brochure and a rack card.
* Produce events to bring revenue into the association which can be used to fund advertising, maintenance and growth of the association.
* Increase the number of metaphysical practitioners, companies or associations who join the Sedona Oak Creek Chamber of Commerce.
* Build a more cohesive and harmonious community presence, set new goals, establish plans of action, and initiate projects for association members to participate in that furthers our cause, promotes a positive image, and contributes to Sedona and the greater community.

The Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association
is an Affiliate Member of the Sedona Events Alliance,
which unites local event organizers to get the word out on Sedona
as a premier arts, festival and incredible host of events destination
to visitors and to the residents of our community.

All SMSA Members agree with and sign our
Code of Ethics.

Even though we take full responsibility for every service we provide to be of the highest quality,
we invite you to read our