Customized Yoga, Art & Healing experiences, tours and retreats to tune your mind, body and spirit to the music of your heart & harmonize with the rhythm of the Earth & Cosmos.

EARTH STAR CHAKRA also known as the “super root,” the esoteric Earth Star Chakra is the first of the fifth-dimensional, transpersonal chakras (outside the physical body) that represents how grounded and connected to the Earth and our Souls, we are.  The Earth Star is the connection to your Soul, family and community, as well as the planet.  The seeds to your vast potential and purpose on Earth are held within your Earth Star Chakra.  YoLanda has activated her own Earth Star Chakra on her healing and awakening journey and assists others who are ready for that step on their spiritual paths to activate and anchor higher frequencies through the physical body to achieve goals and optimal health beyond human awareness to infinite, cosmic awareness.  Tap into your inner mystic and learn how to live a life of magic & joy!

YoLanda offers customized retreats, packages, sessions and experiences to connect powerfully to the magical Spirit of Sedona in unique ways.  Liberate your Soul Essence, most people are walking around with their divine expression suppressed inside….  Learn how to create a temple environment physically through movement, art, yoga, breathwork, nature therapy, hiking, ceremony, meditation, channeling, acutonics, shamanic healing, sacred practices, decree & energy healing.   Yolanda helps you find specifically what your soul needs and why you may be called to Sedona.  These sessions have break-through transformational impact especially for those suffering with pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, fear and blockages.  Are you ready to live a life of Joy, Peace & Freedom.

~Private intuitive elemental yoga sessions (in studio) and on the land : Yin, Restorative, Elemental Flow, Embodied Hatha, Rainbow/Light Body, Inner Power, Yin/Yang Balance, Thai Chi/Qi Gong

~Sacred Movement on the Red Rocks: Dance with the energy in Sedona, & find your own flow… Tap into your vital / subtle energy bodies with breath, movement, meditation
~Vortex Hiking (with crystal charging & activation)
~Sound Healing on the Land – drum, crystal bowls, native flute, medicine songs
~Elemental Immersions for deepening into the esoteric realms of Sedona, Earth & Sky, Spirit & Physical (combinations available)
~Shamanic Healing on the Land – Tuning into the subtle energies in Sedona, spirit guides, light beings, animal medicine, crystals & Elementals all come together to guide you to your heart’s highest path
~Voices of Light – Singing your sacred heart song in the canyon (a shamanic journey)
~Transformational Breathwork – shamanic/yogic breathing to shift the brain into theta states for deeper meditation and healing
~Forest Bathing & Star Gazing Sessions (inspired by Shinrin-Yoku, nature therapy developed extensively in Japan)
~Customized experiences to connect to the magic of Sedona, learn about the true history of the land, connect to the vortexes & star people, learn about the plants and create memories that will be embedded into your soul.
~Self Love Ceremony – inner child healing & play (tap into your inner-most joy!)
~Sacred Arts & Crafts – mandala, rock painting, landscapes, animal totem, altar creation, ceremonial smudge fans/crystal wands/fae photoshoots with crown/wings etc.
~Ceremonies & Circles : Group or individualized
~Labyrinth and Medicine Wheel journeys
~Dreamwork Sessions (combined with breathwork & yin yoga)
~Full Spectrum Crystal Healing with Amethyst Medical Mat (Intuitive Reiki Sessions)
~Zoom sessions available – remote healing, breathwork, yoga
~Customized Retreats – We are spiritual beings having a human experience, every retreat is intuitively created to provide a unique experience exactly what YOU need to awaken and illuminate your Soul Essence.
and more…Yolanda Curtis, Certified Psychic Guide, 7th Generation Reiki Master
, RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, Fashion Designer, Artist, Soul Entrepreneur
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