Articles by SMSA Members


Our members share some of their writings on different topics on the SMSA website for your enjoyment. These articles contain information that may assist you to make a visit to Sedona, more rewarding and prepare you for the life-changing experience that Sedona may bring you.


Crossing Worlds - Sandra Cosentino

Crossing Worlds – Sandra Cosentino

Nature Mysticism by Sandra Cosentino, M.S.  

In a state of expanded now awareness, you sense/invite a merging with vibrational energies from the stars, the earth, the trees, the waters, the bird and animal beings. As you enter this greater field of energy, you then see through the eyes of your Higher Self and enter a timeless realm. You are awake, yet in an expanded state of consciousness where direct knowing can flow in. A joyous sense of being part of the larger plan of life often arises spontaneously.   Read More





Stillpoint In Balance Cynthia Brownley & Joy Musacchio

Stillpoint In Balance -Cynthia Brownley & Joy Musacchio

Sedona’s Sacred Ceremonies by Joy Musacchio

We would like to welcome you to Arizona. Many people who come here live in very
different environments from ours. The State of Arizona and the surrounding Four
Corners area has been in drought for years, and there are a number of regulations we
all need to honor. The most important is NO FIRE. Many spiritually inclined people
will want to enjoy a personal and/or group ceremony on forest lands. Using fire is not
an option. Smoking on National Forest land must only be done inside a contained
vehicle, otherwise you may be ticketed. A motorcycle is not contained, therefore no
smoking.   Read More



Stillpoint In Balance Cynthia Brownley & Joy Musacchio

Stillpoint In Balance Cynthia Brownley & Joy Musacchio

Massage is more than just “Aahhh” by Joy Musacchio and Cynthia Brownley

When you think of massage…what comes to mind?

Massage is best known for its ability to help reduce stress, relieve pain, boost the
immune system, increase blood and lymphatic circulation and promote a
general sense of relaxation and well being. Massage/bodywork also work on
many deeper layers than just the physical to encourage the body’s innate self
healing mechanism. It can effect changes on both an emotional and spiritual
level. Bodywork can help to promote a sense of self confidence and help build a
positive self image as well as promoting an integration of body and mind.  Read More



Craig Junjulas

Criticism & Competition by Craig Junjulas

I have heard many comments about the sense of competition and criticism in the new
age community from my students in New York who had come to Sedona as seekers and
tourists. The people within this community also spoke of their concern about the same issue.
And it is a problem that may occur in other spiritual communities around the world as well.
One center was accused by another of working from the base chakra. My response was
that since all chakras are needed to perform fully on this planet, and each group has its job to
do, this could actually be a compliment. Another group was called “space cadets.” To this, I
replied that since they had been doing it for so long, they really should at least be called ‘space
captains’ and honored for working on such a difficult level of thinking. Another group was said
to just sit around getting high on bliss.  Read More


Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

Free Soul -Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

Scientific Vortex Information by Pete Sanders

The majestic red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation are two reasons for the
unique energy of Sedona and its tangible regenerative and inspirational effects.
The red-orange color of the rock is one of the most neuro stimulating of colors. It
enhances creative thinking and problem solving. Because Sedona is framed year
round by green, visitors are also bathed in sense of hope and renewal,
regardless of the season. The spectacular trails and overlooks provide numerous
opportunities for prayer, and contemplation.  Read More




Sedona Psychic Medium- Darlynn Bowman


Sedona: A Magical place to find yourself by Darlynn Bowman

Sedona can be described many ways, but each description will talk about her unparalleled
beauty. It’s true, many people come here for the sheer beauty of Sedona’s red rocks and
majestic rock formations. Thousands of people, however, make this their primary
destination. Not by beauty alone is it possible to describe this magical place, with it’s
mysterious vortexes and outstanding New Age community.  Read More




Healing From The Heart - Cynthia Tierra in session

Healing From The Heart – Cynthia Tierra

Sedona, A Spiritual Travel Destination by Cynthia Tierra

Every year, more and more visitors come to Sedona seeking spiritual
experiences. Sedona offers an amazing variety of opportunities for personal
growth and spiritual awakening. Vortex tours, psychic readings, healing
sessions, shopping for metaphysical products, Sedona has it all.

Many visitors, who are interested in the metaphysical side of Sedona, go
to the vortex sites. These sites are natural power points that intensify personal
psychic energy.  Read More