Song Bird Grand Mother LLC

Song Bird Grand Mother
Song Bird Grand Mother is a Modern Day Medicine Woman and Shamanic Teacher. Born with an antenna tuned into the spiritual world she follows the ways of her ancestors who were Korean, Dine, and Toltec. She is a teacher and healer, connecting to the Great Grand Mother Earth. She is a bridge between East and West; Spirit and Material; Ancient and Modern.
Song Bird, facilitates private and group healing ceremonies to alleviate suffering, find solutions to problems, cultivate kindness & compassion, clear negative forces to gain more wisdom.
Her Specialities are: Shamanic Healing, Ancestral Healing, Business Expansion, Relationships, Mediumship, and Spiritual Training.
Song Bird is also a scholar and has a BA in Psychology, and a Masters of Humanities in Ancient Philosophy and Religion.

Song Bird Grand Mother LLC
Medicine Woman-Intuitive Readings, Ceremonies & Retreats


Wisdom Council, One Spirit One Heart, LLC, Katie Easterwood, MSW

Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC Katie Easterwood, MSW
Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart LLC
Hear directly from us, a council of nonphysical Beings & tap into your magnificent power within, as we speak to you through our channel, Katie Easterwood, MSW.

WHO WE ARE: The Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart is a collective of all non-physical Beings from many spiritual traditions that come together in their common interest to support the experience of all life upon this planet.

You may know them as ascended masters, teachers, angels, shamanic healers as well as others who have been present upon this Earth. This was their commitment to you, as Spirit, prior to coming into this life experience.

OUR CHANNEL: Through our channel, Katie Easterwood, we offer our guidance to you through the two books we have written through her & by speaking with you directly, using Katie as a voice channel, at workshops & individual sessions, on zoom & phone calls.

OUR PURPOSE is to guide you in remembering who you truly are, knowing your True Self, & to assist you in connecting with & experiencing the guidance of this Spirit Within to guide you to the Life Journey your Spirit came to experience, filled with joy, meaning, & purpose. . .  following your Bliss.

CONTACT INFORMATION: To learn more about us, please visit our website at: www.wisdomcouncilonespiritoneheart.com.

               Or email us at:

OUR BOOKS: You may also find our two books of guidance on amazon.com in hard & paperback as well as e-books.

First: Choosing The Journey Within, Five Keys to Your Path of Bliss: A Workbook
Second: Reflections of Spirit: Discovering Your True Self
Our first book assists you in releasing what blocks you & in connecting to your True Self. Our second book assists you in maintaining your connection to your Spirit Within for guidance throughout your day, & takes you to the next level of inspiring spiritual discovery.