Earth Spirit Wisdom Healing Amalia Camateros

Earth Spirit Wisdom Healing – Amalia Camateros

*** Speak with Amalia about your stress and anxiety. See how she can unravel the complexity, and offer you something simple and natural to do to help you get back on track and in balance with your busy schedule.

She will help you remember that life and the universe is on your side, so that you can utilize your awareness to create the life you desire. Amalia is a grounded source of wisdom and compassion who is at your service.

Amalia practiced as a Naturopathic Doctor in Australia for 17 years and weaves in her experience for the wellness of body, mind and spirit.

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Amalia has published her book: ‘Spirit of the Stones, A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom’. It is a true story about crossing the borderlands of “reality” into the deeper recesses of Earth Wisdom that invites you on a remarkable shamanic journey ‘into’ the sacred sanctuaries of the Earth. Here is the link for them to purchase:


Join me on a vision passage out on the spiritual rocks of Southwest, Sedona, Arizona. You will awaken your inner shaman, ground your energy with Earth, access the wisdom of the ancient stones, clear the entanglements of the mind and deepen to the original state of your natural self. Experience the healing power and depth of the Sedona vortexes, listen to the messages of the elements and the wisdom of Mother Earth. 

*** Permitted for Operation on Coconino National Forest.

Amalia in Ceremony

Amalia during Ceremony


Amalia in Session

Amalia in Session

My book: SPIRIT OF THE STONES: amazon link to purchase is: