Before you email us or call us with your question, we invite you to read through the answers below to ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’ You may find your answer. If not, feel free to contact us.

1) I am planning on visiting Sedona. I would like to receive a reading from a trustworthy psychic. Can you recommend one of your members?

We do not choose a particular professional for the client. We prefer to allow the person inquiring to use her or his own intuitive feelings to make the choice. You know what is best for you. We recommend as the first step to look through our website and see what member’s face lights up in your imagination and/or which reader has a write-up that resonates with you. You may use our search engine by typing in the word ‘readings’, ‘psychic’, ‘hikes’ or anything that is close to what you are looking for. Most of our members perform multiple professional services, but are listed in only one category on the website. Once you have found some people that you are interested in, you may want to click through to their website and find out more about them. If you want to take that further, please, contact the facilitator that has caught your attention directly.

2) How can I be sure that the person I choose is reliable and does good work?

First of all: trust your guidance that you will be lead to the person that serves you best. On our end, we know that all our members are experienced, highly qualified professionals. One of our standards is that all our members have signed the Code of Ethics of our association.

Our members are serious businesses and have all joined the Chamber of Commerce. After reading and feeling into the received information, the right person for you will inevitably jump out.

3) I have never done anything metaphysical/spiritual. I am a little nervous. Can you advise me?

The fact that you arrived at our website shows that you opened a door and are ready to drop your fear. This is the right moment to venture into a world that may be new to you, but is familiar territory for many others. Each of our members is prepared to work with people for whom it is a first time. They are willing to answer any question you have and will most probably be able to alleviate your concerns.

4) I am interested in the vortexes in Sedona. On your website I see several people who offer vortex tours. How do I make my choice?

Apart from making a choice as was suggested above, the different people who offer vortex tours may have different approaches of the phenomenon indicated as ‘a vortex’ and offer different services at the vortex. As a result your experience will be unique with each person and at each place. You may even find that doing more than one vortex tour with different guides will give you a totally new experience. Again, we recommend visiting the various websites of our members and the right person and the perfect opportunity will show up for you.

5) Are the vortex tours offered by your members the same as the ones offered by the jeep tour companies?

As a general statement we dare to say that most jeep tour companies provide services to those who want to enjoy and see Sedona and the vortex sites as a tourist. Taking a vortex tour with each one of our members will offer you a profound personal experience, more focused on the metaphysical/spiritual side of life. This experience may differ depending on the personality and the style of each facilitator.

6) How much money do I have to set aside for services provided by your members?

On the websites of our individual members you will find all conditions for their services, how to find more specific information or make reservations directly with them.

7) How do I find out about events or services that I can’t find on your website?

You may learn about quality Sedona spiritual and metaphysical events by visiting our Event Calendar, where you find events organized or presented by our members. There may be additional events posted on our individual Member websites.
You can also find information on SMSA’s Facebook page:
For Events in the Sedona area, you may visit the Chamber of Commerce at and
Another source is the calendar of Sedona Cities of Light Events. Look at Facebook page of LaneBadger: or email to be on their mailing list.

8 ) I am considering to move to Sedona and offer my services. Do you have recommendations?

There are many people drawn to Sedona, often for reasons they do not mentally understand. Listening to that call will give people the experience they need for their personal journey. For some it means that they live and work in Sedona for a long time or the rest of their lives, for others their time here is brief. For some it is smooth, for others it is not all that easy. Sedona is a magical place, including its natural beauty. It is the home for a fascinating variety of metaphysical people in any thinkable area. With some you may resonate, with others you may not. Many of these people offer their services. Sedona is visited by over 3 million visitors per year, of which an estimated 40% is interested in some kind of spiritual service.
Finding a convenient place to live can be challenging.
Whether Sedona is the right place for you? In Sedona there is no practical ‘how-to’ that applies to everyone. Follow your inner guidance and you will know the answer, even if eventually it turns out that coming to Sedona is for a different reason than you originally thought. Once you have arrived in Sedona trust that you will be guided to the right persons and the right places to show you the next step.


9) I am a metaphysical professional and I am interested in your association. What is the benefit of joining SMSA?

The association has much to offer to those who believe in collaboration with other metaphysical professionals. This collaboration has contributed and continues to contribute to improving the quality of the metaphysical businesses in Sedona, and even more so their overall position within the Sedona business community. On a more personal level, you have an opportunity to meet other members during our monthly meetings, one month a Business Meeting, the other month a Social Meeting. We request from members to attend at least 3 Business Meetings per year. The association organizes or participates in events where its members can do their work or present themselves. As an affinity group of the Chamber of Commerce SMSA participates in marketing efforts of the Chamber, including during promotional trips of chamber staff. AND, the association is given life by its members: the more active the members are, the more can be done. Therefore, every member’s input is valued and seen as important. For more information, see our Criteria & Benefits page.


10) I would like to join SMSA. What do I need to do?

We first invite you to read through this entire website, in particular the ‘Code of Ethics’ and the ‘Join SMSA’ page.
Please visit our contact page to contact the SMSA Membership Chair, Amayra Hamilton. You will receive an application package, which contains an application form and a request to write an application letter. We will evaluate your application and, if approved, ask you to send us a check with your membership fee and provide us with the listing material for the brochure and the website.


11) My business is not located in the Sedona area, I am interested in joining your group. Is that possible?

Sorry, our focus is directed at the collaboration between Sedona-based metaphysical businesses, who are also members of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. We do not consider a business ‘Sedona-based’, when you visit Sedona and bring clients from elsewhere, or in case you happen to own property in Sedona where you spend time now and then. In case you have plans to move permanently to Sedona, we suggest to attend one of our monthly meetings once you are settled, and go from there.


12) I want to take my clients to the vortexes on Forest Land. I am told I can’t do that without a permit. Is that correct? If so, can I get a permit through SMSA?

It is correct that you need a permit if you want to go on Forest Land with a commercial purpose. Without a permit you risk being fined.
It is NOT correct that you can get a permit through SMSA, nor is it possible for anybody to require a permit at this moment. It is even a big question whether the Forest Service will ever give out any more metaphysical permits.
However, SMSA has a permit for use of its members. You could join our association, while you have your Chamber membership in place. The next step would be to apply to become qualified to make use of SMSA’s permit.


13) Once I am qualified to use SMSA’s permit, can I go wherever I want?

Unfortunately, you can’t. SMSA’s permit describes exactly where our members can go, where they cannot go, how often, with how many persons, how transportation is arranged, how reporting is done, etc. Violating the rules can lead to discontinuation of your membership.


14) If I join SMSA today, can I go on the Forest Land tomorrow?

No, you can’t. There is an elaborate process that includes familiarizing yourself with the regulations and procedures, getting a CPR/First Aid certification, being included in the next print of SMSA’s brochure, and being a member in good standing for a period of minimum 6 months up to a year, depending on when during our membership cycle your membership is approved.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will assist in any way we can.