If  you have a metaphysical spiritual practice or business in the greater Sedona area, we invite you to join a group of like-minded professionals and business people in creating a dynamic presence in the community.

Professional and business leaders recognized long ago that common goals can be achieved faster and more easily through joint action than through individual action.

The purposes of our association are:

  1. To help members achieve their common goals
  2. To provide service to its members
  3. To support its members in building and expanding their business and financial potential
  4. To enable members to successfully observe ethical and legal government requirements of business
  5. To improve the economic and social well being of the community

Upon your request we email you an application package.


SMSA Membership Highlights:
Membership dues $150 per year

  • Full Voting Member
  • Inclusion in SMSA Events
  • Mass Marketing Exposure
  • Chamber of Commerce Full Benefits
  • Featured in brochure with local distribution
  • Featured on rack card with nationwide distribution via the Sedona Chamber of Commerce
  • Featured on SMSA website
  • After being qualified, inclusion in Forest Land Use Permit


If you have an interest in joining SMSA, for detailed information, please open the following files:

Application Form

Application Information

Member Requirements & Benefits

Code of Ethics

Policies Forest Land Use

After you have submitted your application and your application has been approved, we invite you to submit the following:

Listing Information for Brochure and Website

How to submit Events and Publications

Once approved as a SMSA member, you can apply to be included in SMSA’s Forest Land Use Permit:

Application Forest Land Use Permit 

During the application procedure for use of the Permit, which can take up to a year, or any other time, we have the following recommendations:

Private Land Locations