Psychic Intuitive Coaching - Jay Ts

Psychic Intuitive Coaching – Jay Ts


I combine psychic reading and intuitive life coaching in a way that adapts to
you personally and helps you navigate into your future to create the best life
possible.  I am a psychic coach, metaphysical teacher, and intuitive reader.  I was born
clairvoyant and empathic, and developed clairaudience and intuition during my
current lifetime.  My clairaudient ability is most strongly connected to
non-physical teachers and navigational helpers and also to the consciousness of
the Earth’s living biosphere.  During sessions, I allow myself to become a channel of higher guidance to help
you solve problems, resolve issues, recover or improve your health and emotional
balance, and develop your natural ability to create and manifest a life you love.
Sessions may be in person, or remotely by phone or chat/voice/video app here: