Many Association Members are published authors and lecturers. They share their work, their tools and their wisdom with the world. On this page you find a list of select published books, cds and dvds of SMSA members. To see their full range of available published works or to purchase, these products are available via the websites of the authors. In addition, most can be purchased locally in some of the bookstores.

Enjoy our growing list of publications and offerings…

Alchemy Healing Arts, LLC – Rev. Barbara Matsuura, RMT

Qigong’s Ba Duan Jin –
The Eight Pieces of Brocade (DVD)

Sedona Medium - Christina Wooten
Rev. Barbara Matsuura

This DVD is a 90 minute instructional DVD. Filmed on the sacred grounds of Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan, this DVD will bring you into the balanced energy of being one with all that is, a balance of Body, Mind, and Spirit. The DVD contains warm-ups, standing meditation, a set of eight ancient Chinese exercises that are profound in meaning and result. At the conclusion of this practice, you will have experienced a well exercised body, a calm mind, and an elevated Spirit

Earth Spirit Wisdom Healing – with Amalia Camateros

Spirit of the Stones – A Retrieval of Earth Wisdom

A true story about crossing the borderlands of reality into the deeper recesses of Earth Wisdom that invites you on a remarkable shamanic journey ‘into’ the sacred sanctuaries of the Earth to unlock the ancestral voices of the Earth where the rocks and mineral kingdom talk and reveal their higher purpose and speak to us about how to handle the incoming New Earth energies and how to ground them in our daily lives.

Earth Spirit Wisdom Healing Amalia Camateros
Amalia Camateros

 Journey with our author to Egypt, Greece, Maya Lands, Hawaii, Aboriginal Australia, and the American Southwest as she decodes and retrieves the vital, encrypted spiritual wisdom that had been long forgotten and now catalyzes consciousness for the great change.

Free Soul Vortex Education – with Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

 (Educator, Author, Orator)

Pete Sanders has been sharing his knowledge of Metaphysics and …A practical (and easily readable) description of the science that explains Sedona’s famous Vortex meditation sites, plus how to find similar areas near your home and wherever you travel. Featured are what types of Vortexes are best for insight, serenity, and healing hurts from your past. Plus FULL color photos of Sedona.

Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

By Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

Scientific Vortex Education

(Print book, E-book, also available on Audible Books)

A practical (and easily readable) description of the science that explains Sedona’s famous Vortex meditation sites, plus how to find similar areas near your home and wherever you travel. Featured are what types of Vortexes are best for insight, serenity, and healing hurts from your past. Plus FULL color photos of Sedona.

You are Psychic!

(Print book, E-book, also available on Audible Books 100 Page Manual)An M.I.T. – Trained Scientist’s Proven Program Methods for locating and tapping brain and body areas that enhance your psychic sensing ability.  Plus chapters on the Aura, Mind/Body Self-Healing and tapping the deeper dimensions of the Soul.

By Pete A. Sanders, Jr.
By Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

Access your Joy Center

(Print book, E-book, Discounted Book/CD)

A Brain Science breakthrough for how to easily use mind/body to self-trigger mood-elevation fibers in your brain for “Feeling Better Fast” without alcohol, nicotine, drugs, or overeating.  This physiological technique lets you rapidly ease distress and view life more from your Soul potentials.  Also included specifics for weight management, pain control, quitting smoking, and reducing substance abuse.

Science for Living AS a Soul

(2-DVD set)Mr. Sanders shares his latest discoveries & deepest instruction, combining physics, brain science, and spirituality for tapping the FULL potentials for the Soul for serenity, security, and happiness.  Featured are Universal oneness, healing cracks in your inner Soul Crystal, and accessing the newly discovered mysterious expansive energy (that physicists say is 15 times more powerful than what we used to think of as the whole Universe’s energy).

By Pete A. Sanders, Jr.

Higher Self Discovery – with Craig Junjulas

 (Educator, Author, Orator)

Pete Sanders has been sharing his knowledge of Metaphysics and …A practical (and easily readable) description of the science that explains Sedona’s famous Vortex meditation sites, plus how to find similar areas near your home and wherever you travel. Featured are what types of Vortexes are best for insight, serenity, and healing hurts from your past. Plus FULL color photos of Sedona.

Craig Junjulas

By Craig Junjulas

Psychic Tarot

(Print book)With over 100,000 copies sold, and now with high-resolution color, “Psychic Tarot” has become a classic and must-read for Tarot readers and novices alike. Psychic Tarot provides inspiration and guidance for those seeking to understand the ancient wisdom of the tarot while advancing psychic development. The author presents each of the 78 cards with their meanings thoroughly and simply explained in both the upright as well as the reversed positions. Several popular methods for spreading the cards are illustrated and described, making Psychic Tarot a complete guidebook.

Divinatory meanings apply to all traditional decks, including the Rider-Waite deck.

Higher Self Discovery & Spirit Guides

(Both available on DVD)

Two enlightening mini-seminars on DVD to let the love, wisdom and power of your spiritual guides come through to assist you in everyday life. These presentations are designed to help you enhance your relationship with the higher powers in your life. Practice unique ways of opening up your awareness to the realms of divine guidance using techniques that are relaxing, healing and transformational. Spiritual beings do indeed speak to us and through us, and it is a wondrous thing to be a conduit for love, wisdom and power to flow into the world. But being such a conduit also challenges us to practice self healing, clarity and detachment. Let the power and wisdom of the spirit guides come through.

By Craig Junjulas
By Craig Junjulas

Empowered By The Light

(Guided Meditation for Relaxation & Enlightenment – CD + download)Relaxing and self-healing technique. Body of light. Opening the seven energy centers (chakras). Your true spiritual nature. Higher self oneness, radiant heart light.

Inner Glow Ambient Music CD

Meditative Music for Relaxation, Inspiration, Massage, & Therapy

By Craig Junjulas
By Christina Wooten

Sedona Medium, LLC – Christina Wooten

(Gateways to Higher Consciousness
Meditations from Spirit (CD or instant download)

Sedona Medium - Christina Wooten
Christina Wooten

Three Guided Meditations channeled from Spirit. Higher Consciousness can only be achieved by boldly releasing limitations and our own illusions. Through shifting our perspective to align with Creator and the Creator within, one experiences our infinite capacity for love and compassion. This CD is deigned to carry you along that unlimited journey of expansion to release the elements of your own consciousness that prevent you from experiencing your highest Divine truth. These meditations can be used together or separately, again and again with each experience revealing another gateway to your highest awareness.

Includes: The Shift Within, A Journey with Eagle Medicine, Radiant Heart

Accurate Psychic Readings by Nirup


Intuition and Your Inner Knower (DVD & Manual)

Develop your Intuition,  and inner wisdom.
Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).
Discover your life purpose.
Find your passion and creativity for new projects.
Are you feeling stuck? It helps you to become less stuck in life.
Helps you overcome self-limiting, self-defeating or sabotaging beliefs.




Awakening The Other You (CD & DVD – 7 Disk, 100 Page Manual)

Get in touch with your intuition and psychic senses. Connect to Your Intuition.
Release Self Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors.
Discover a technique to make better decisions in life.
Learn how to create deeper connections to others.
Get in touch with your life purpose and life lessons.
Connect to your spirit guides and angels. Learn simple meditation techniques.
Understand the Chakra System. Make a deeper Spiritual connection.


Prosperity Manifestation Meditation (CD)

You will be guided into a meditation process, connecting you to your higher self, and higher universal energies to receive just exactly what you need in order to manifest what you need in your life to create abundance, wealth, career, and prosperity.



Meeting Your Spirit Guides and Angels (CD)

You will be guided into a mediation process, connecting you to your higher self, spirit guides and angels that are here to support our on your life’s journey. You will experience who they are, be able to ask questions, receive help, guidance and clarity. Once being connected to your spirit guides and angels, you will be able to get in touch with them whenever is needed, at any time you can know that they are with you.


Healing Relationships, Cutting the Cords ( CD)

This is for those who want out of or to change a negative relationship, emotionally, mentally or physically; but find themselves stuck for one or more reasons, and need a helpful process to dissolve the attachments (cords) that seem to bind themselves and others, whether a love relationship, family, friend or co-worker. In cutting the cords it will allow you to become more empowered in all aspects of your life.


Angel Valley Sedona – Amayra & Michael Hamilton

Michael & Amayra Hamilton

Transformation at Angel Valley,
A Journey of Integrating the Sedona Sweat Lodge Tragedy (Print book)

A personal journey of coming to terms with a dramatic occurrence.
The founders of Angel Valley share about the incident, as seen through their eyes, their emotions, their experiences, leading to the insights they gained of the deeper meaning of the incident.
They invite the reader to contemplate the resonance with the individual and collective lessons for mankind coming out of what happened.



Healing from the Heart – Cynthia Tierra

Cynthia Tierra

Sedona Vortexes: A Guidebook for the Spiritual Traveler (Print book)

Spiritual information about Sedona vortexes, not available from any other source!
Written by a professional healer, this book contains everything a spiritual traveler needs to know about the vortex areas of Sedona :
The history of Sedona vortexes;
What is a vortex?
Working with vortex energy;
The location of major Sedona vortexes;
Other vortex areas in Sedona and much more…




BIG SKIES the story of the artist, the cowboy and the aliens (Print book)

Enrica moved to Montana to get away from the stress of her divorce and focus on her painting. Instead of the quiet life she desired, nightmares of creatures abducting her, awaken her every night. Sleep deprivation and discovering she has acquired telepathic powers, make Enrica question her sanity.  After meeting a handsome cowboy, her life takes a turn for the better. But can the relationship survive? Even though they haven’t had sex, Enrica is pregnant.




The Gift the story of the librarian, the rancher and the aliens (Print book)

Kiri Johnson, a librarian in Missoula, Montana, has lived with a deep secret all her life; the truth about her alien origin and her psychic powers.  She wants to find a man who will love and accept her despite her secret, but that seems impossible.  Then, she meets Sean, a handsome rancher from Tucson.  It seems her dreams are finally coming true, until she reveals the truth about herself.





Keeper the story of the musician, the scientist, the cowboy and the aliens (Print book)

Aliens have been involved with her family for fifty years and she’s tired of the interference. Her family finally appears to be happy and secure until the most devastating earthquake in history traps her fiancee, Dan, in California.  Beverly meets Gary and is instantly attracted to him, but her loyalty to Dan keeps her from giving her heart away to another man.  When Dan finally returns to Montana, she is torn between the two men.  The aliens could destroy any possibility of happiness with either


Sedona Red Rock Tours – lala Jaggs

Iala Jaggs

Sedona Vortex Yoga (DVD)

Yoga inspired by the Spirit of Sedona. 
7 yoga flows filmed on 7 vortex sites.
Where the EAST meets the SOUTHWEST and will never be the same again! Includes Chakra Clearing, Calling in the Directions, Sun & Moon Salutations, Meditations. Iala explains the unique qualities of each Vortex Site and creates yoga flows that resonate with the special vortex energies. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Vortexes in your own home. Sedona Vortex Yoga will enhance and enlighten your yoga practice.
Filmed at 7 Sacred Pools, Baby Bell Rock, Airport Vortex, Raven’s Roost, SugarLoaf, Red Rock Crossing and Sedona Vista.