Sacred Earth Walks – Rita Taji Faruki

*** Our spirit place calls us to replenish and renew. Come do a magical nature walk with me and transform from a tourist who comes with an interested eye to take pictures, to a pilgrim who comes with a searching heart and engages in the world around them.

To earth-walk is to experience an area intimately. We close our eyes to meditate, but to earth-walk, one needs to open one’s eyes and observe. By utilizing all the senses, we become entrained with the consciousness that is all around us. We begin to speak the language that nature speaks.

I utilize a variety of magical tools and techniques: drumming, rattling, labyrinth walks, sounds, poetry, merging with trees, plants, flowers.

*** Permitted for Operation on Coconino National Forest.

Rita Taji Faruki

(928) 963-1146 (h)

(307) 335-3555 (c)




Rita Faruki during one of her Sacred Earth Walks