One of the goals of the Association is to promote the businesses of its members. The events that are organized are advertised and reported in the local media.

2017 March – Experience Sedona, the Sedona Chamber of Commerce promotional magazine, dedicates an article on SMSA in its Metaphysical section.

2013, October – Celebrate Your Spirit 4, published in the local newspapers and on Facebook.

2012, August – Celebrate Your Spirit 3, articles in The Scene en in Kudos

2011, August 24 – Sedona Red Rock News reports with a full page on our second annual ‘Celebrate Your Spirit.’

The week before the event “Celebrate Your Spirit’ is announced at the entrance of the Chamber of Commerce.

2011, August 17 – ‘Celebrate Your Spirit’ is announced in Kudos.

2011, August 17 – Advertisement in Kudos.

2011, August 19, ‘Celebrate Your Spirit’ is announced in The Scene, the weekend edition of Sedona Red Rock News.

2011, August 19 – Advertisement in The Scene.

2011, August 19 – Front page of The Scene.

2011, July – Advertisement in Arizona Republic.

2011, July – Postcard distributed to promote ‘Celebrate Your Spirit.’

2011, June 17 – Sedona Red Rock News announces the official opening of the SMSA Center.

2011, April 1 – Sedona Red Rock News announces the start of the SMSA Center.

2010, September 22 – Sedona Red Rock News reports the first ‘Celebrate Your Spirit’ with a full page.

2010, August – Postcard distributed to promote the first ‘Celebrate Your Spirit.’

2010, February 26 – Sedona Red Rock News publishes an article on SMSA’s 6th anniversary.

2008, February 6 – Sedona Red Rock News publishes a photo of the new Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.

2005, Spring – Experience Sedona, the magazine of the Chamber of Commerce, publishes an article on the metaphysical business activity in Sedona.

2004, March-April – SMSA organizes Earth Day, its first big event, published in Four Corners Magazine and in the Sedona Red Rock News.