Song Bird Grand Mother

Song Bird Grand Mother

***  Are you ready to take an authentic journey into your heart? The sacred lands of Sedona have called you to come and bathe in her transformative and powerful energies. If you are ready to take full advantage of why these lands called you, book a special transformative ceremony for yourself, friends, family, or retreat group. These ceremonies are created special for you and have all the right touches to make your journey to Sedona powerful.

Song Bird Grand Mother is a Modern Day Medicine Woman and Shaman with a unique background of Native American and Korean. Coming from a long line of healers, seers, and medicine people, she began doing healings and readings at 3 years old. Doing this work professionally for over 20 years, she has weaved her unique ancestry and training to provide modern day ceremonies for all people regardless of their culture, tradition, or religion.

In 2013 after many years of private practice, she was given the name “Song Bird Grand Mother” to represent her lifetime commitment to her path. Song Bird represents the song within each person’s heart that is unique and powerful. Song Bird’s gather in groups, and fly collectively towards a common destination. Grand Mother is the essence she embodies, as a Grand Daughter of the Great Mother who we live upon and call Mother Earth. Her song is to sing with the other “Song Birds” to lift each other up for the common good of all people.

The ceremonies, retreats, and private sessions that Song Bird offers give you the opportunity to heal patterns of suffering, gain deeper insight into your life, and bridge the spiritual with the material. Whether it is a shift in business/career, relationships, health, spiritual development, or any other problem, ceremony on these sacred lands with Song Bird Grand Mother will give you more peace, clarity, direction, and remove obstacles.

Using Indigenous rituals, songs, shamanic drumming, spiritual healing, mediumship, and connection to the Spirit World, Song Bird Grand Mother gets to the heart and root of the problem for long term healing.

Experience a true transformation, and make your time in Sedona life changing!

*** Permitted for Operation on Coconino National Forest

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