Spirit Healing Light – JP Lomeo

Reconnective Healing© is energy interaction with an other-dimensional Intelligence. It is composed of frequencies of Energy, Light and Information. It is not just another healing modality or treatment. It is CHANGE. It is connection to Wholeness. A vibrational shift happens in your cells. Your DNA changes.

You emit more coherent levels of light. Each person’s healing is unique, as each of us has our own inherent perfection. You Will receive what is most appropriate for YOU, at this time, as well as for those that you interact with.

The Reconnection© uses the same frequencies, but applied in precise & focused formations to reconnect the energy grids of your body to the Ley lines of the planet & to the Universal grid in all dimensions of time and space. You reconnect to a timeless system of Intelligence, your master vibration and your evolution. You are choosing to access all that you have learned throughout all your lifetimes, in this dimension, and beyond.

Giampaolo (JP) Lomeo is one of only two Reconnection Certified Practitioners qualified to offer Reconnective Healing© & the Reconnection© sessions in Arizona.

JP Lomeo

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Spirit Light Healing - JP Lomeo

Spirit Light Healing – JP Lomeo