Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart, LLC Katie Easterwood, MSW


Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart LLC

Hear directly from us, a council of nonphysical beings & tap into your magnificent power within, as we speak through Katie Easterwood.

  • A council of angels, ascended masters, goddesses, teachers, & shamanic healers, here to remind you, you are an eternal spirit.
  • You, spirit, came into this life with a specific purpose.
  • This spirit animates your life, lies within the core of your being & guides you along your journey. 
  • It is waiting for you to shift from an external focus, to listen to its loving support within to set your values, identify, & course in life.
  • We are here to assist you to discover & tap this power within you & your gifts you brought as spirit into this life for a life journey of joy & harmony with all around.

We offer Sessions by phone, workshops on the computer & in person, audio answers to email questions, & free videos on YouTube.

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Book: “Choosing the Journey Within, 5 Keys to You Path of Bliss: A Workbook on Amazon.



1. Clear Intention
2. Power of Choice
3. Silence Your Inner Critic
4. Tap Your Power Within
5. Discover & Share Your Innate Talents & Gifts

Wisdom Council, One Spirit, One Heart LLC

Nonphysical beings here to guide you to connect to your Power Within.