Every year, more and more visitors come to Sedona seeking spiritual
experiences. Sedona offers an amazing variety of opportunities for personal
growth and spiritual awakening. Vortex tours, psychic readings, healing
sessions, shopping for metaphysical products, Sedona has it all.

Many visitors, who are interested in the metaphysical side of Sedona, go
to the vortex sites. These sites are natural power points that intensify personal
psychic energy. Several local companies offer vortex tours and the Sedona
Metaphysical Spiritual Association (SMSA) has tour guides that provide spiritually
based vortex tours. Or you can do your own tour to the well known vortexes.
Most of them are within a reasonable walk from the parking areas. The major
vortexes are at Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa and Boynton Canyon.
To park in National Forest Service areas in Sedona, you will need to buy a $5
Daily Red Rock Pass (or $15 weekly pass.)These passes are available at one of
the Official Chamber of Commerce Visitor Centers, where you can also pick up a
free map, and pamphlets about the services offered by local metaphysical and
spiritual practitioners.

For visitors to Sedona, who are looking for Readings, there are many
possibilities. Astrology, intuitive readings, numerology, rune stone readings, and
past life regression, are just a few. Visitors should feel free to call reputable
readers and interview them. Ask questions about their experience, credentials
and methods. Use your intuition, or gut instinct, to decide which style of reading
best suits your personal needs.

Many professional healers practice in Sedona because of the wonderful
healing energy that abounds there. Modalities vary from acupuncture, to aura
cleansing, to Reiki, to sound healing. The variety of healing modalities offered by
practitioners in Sedona is astounding. Again for the visitor seeking a healing
session in Sedona, call healers that draw your attention and interview them. For
shopping in Sedona, there are quality stores that offer metaphysical products.
Taking a spiritually centered vacation in Sedona provides a wondrous opportunity
for an adventure in self discovery. Your life may never be the same.
The author of this article, Cynthia Tierra, is a Holistic Health
Practitioner/Reiki Master and founder of Healing From The Heart. Cynthia is a
member of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association – SMSA (a Chamber of
Commerce Affinity Group).

To learn more about Cynthia and the other SMSA tour guides, readers,
healers, and metaphysical stores check out SMSA’s web site: