I have heard many comments about the sense of competition and criticism in the new
age community from my students in New York who had come to Sedona as seekers and
tourists. The people within this community also spoke of their concern about the same issue.
And it is a problem that may occur in other spiritual communities around the world as well.
One center was accused by another of working from the base chakra. My response was
that since all chakras are needed to perform fully on this planet, and each group has its job to
do, this could actually be a compliment. Another group was called “space cadets.” To this, I
replied that since they had been doing it for so long, they really should at least be called ‘space
captains’ and honored for working on such a difficult level of thinking. Another group was said
to just sit around getting high on bliss. I suggested the critic should sit with them and meditate
on how to direct that wonderful energy into the problems of everyday life.
What my eyes saw were loving spirits with good intentions hoping to serve humanity.
Yes, I noticed they were also human beings struggling, in varying degrees, with survival and
acceptance issues. Aren’t we all?

The key is to see the spirit within each person or group working toward fuller
expression. Give credit for the striving of the human to release old negative patterns, rather
than measuring how far they still have to go in that endeavor. We all are reaching toward
Higher Consciousness and trying to live according to spiritual principles. We all aspire to
represent the spoken word of the ascended masters and serve the angels of light and love.
If you believe that we are all brothers and sisters, then it becomes your responsibility to
send them light and love to support them while they grow – without even a hint of
disappointment or criticism. Otherwise we are acting like high school seniors criticizing other
social groups, thinking only our click dresses right and listens to the correct music, and making
fun of the latest batch of freshmen in total. Some of these ‘younger’ ones will be our teachers
and healers. That quiet one in the back seat, who dresses funny, may be the next prophet for

A very high number of metaphysical seekers pass through this town. Back in New
York, I received many calls because of the degree of public exposure I had (weekly radio
program, adult education class, etc.). If it is about serving all humanity, then how dare I try to
capture all who pass by my door? That would be like erecting a net across the whole stream
that passes through your property, because you fear not having enough fish to eat. This would
not only cause your good neighbors famine, it would deplete the stream of fish for the future. I
tried to remain aware of the other professionals in the area, and their particular forms of
service, so spirit could guide me to refer people to the right professional.

First Published In March/April 1998 by Craig Junjulas